Thursday, August 27, 2015


Recorded the podcast interview with Aldus Baker today. It went well, I had a lot of fun talking with him before, during, and after the interview content.

He said that the interview should be out a couple of weeks after this Monday.

Challenge Accepted!

Yeah, I know there was no challenge issued, but sometimes it takes a combination of a Star Wars and HIMYM references to dredge up the extra motivation to do something I've been dragging my feet on for far too long.

The print version of Apprentice Swordceror has been put off long enough. I'm setting a goal to have the preview copies in hand by the time the podcast airs. It'll be tight, but I think it will work. Wait for it...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Plot Thickening

The whirlwind is slowing. A few more appointments this week, another Author event at the end of the month with the Gaggle... (Or what's left of it)

During the downtime between appointments today, I hunkered down over a trio of tri-tip tacos at BBQ4LIFE, and hammered out a few pages of plot revisions, and a few more of background worldbuilding. The story is back building, I won't be able to focus on anything else very soon. The outline I have for book five had been more exciting to me than what I had put together for book four, until this afternoon. There are still some specific things I need to research, to be better able to bend them to my will and capture on the page.

It's coming along.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Totally Awesome.

The bar was set pretty high, and we didn't quite reach it. Not as far as we'd hoped, but much better than I feared. 889 pre-sales as of midnight. That's $444.50 for the Ada Community Library's Special Events Department. Minimum. Rounding up is good. We'll talk about that later.

For now, thanks to everyone who has helped support the Saga, and the Library. More in the morning.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Home Stretch

Blademage Adept drops in less than two days, and we're closing in on the pre-order target. Last check was 830 of the 1000 goal. Was pounding the pavement, shaking hands and kissing babies today... (OK, sitting on a park bench in the shade eating free BBQ and talking to whoever came up and talked to me. Not that outgoing in real life.) Things may still pick up with the end of the countdown for Journeyman Warsmith, and the new friends I made today spreading the word. Would you believe I only hours ago I taught a magician a trick learned from a clown circa 1997? Good times.