Saturday, November 19, 2016


A lot has happened since my last post. A lot, but by the same token, often not enough.

I spent four days in the hospital in July with pneumonia, and was diagnosed with diabetes. It was pretty bad. If I had not decided to visit the doctor that day, I might not have had the chance to the next day. There was over two months of little more than bed rest, adjusting to my new reality.

In the last two weeks, things have finally started to turn around. My medication, blood sugar, and energy levels have started stabilizing. After a long battle with ACX, my amazing audio producer, James Mackenzie, has gotten the final version of Journeyman Warsmith uploaded past Amazon's broken interface. The second installment of The Blademage Saga went live on Audible last Friday, and has started crawling off the digital shelves without any prodding.

I'm not going to sugar coat it. My energy levels are only about 80% of what they should be. My writing has suffered. For the longest time, it was a good thing nothing was hitting the page, my judgement was severely impaired. Things are picking up. I wrote a chapter the other day my oldest daughter said was 'awesome', and she's not one to just say that, especially to me. The crew from my Idaho Writer's Guild splinter group has been a big help. I've been setting deadlines and timelines for production that are not as close as I'd like, but are reasonable and manageable. There may even be a related side project some of you may be interested in, I'll follow up as soon as I get some more concrete information on the specifics.

Sorry it's been so long, but things are looking up. I'll be in touch more often.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Back in the Saddle

On many levels. For one, the truck is running again. If anyone needs a Throttle Position Sensor changed on a '98 Dodge Ram 1500, let me know. I have that down to an art. Might be able to do it in around 10 minutes, and I have all the tools for the procedure gathered in one place.

All the kerfuffle over the new Oregon Sick Leave law should keep a steady stream of willy-nilly at the SBDC. We've got some good compliance information that will help mitigate some of the heartburn over it in Malheur County, so bring it on.

Gearing up for Science Bowl, the Middle School competition was a good warm-up for the main event next Monday. Pretty excited about that.

Dusted off the Audiobook review on Warsmith that has been long overdue. I'm finding little touches that need fixed here and there, but am floored by the artistic flair that Jamie Mackenzie uses to bring the manuscript to more vivid life than I expected. I'd been dreading the search for a retail sample, but it slapped me across the face in Chapter 5. Mirsa's big fight scene. Wow. Just... wow.

Was recently contacted by a colleague that is going through much the same phase in his writing career, taking on extra projects and trying to balance his time between those and his writing endeavors, Aldus Baker, host of podcasts including me, and people more important than me. He's looking to continue his Author Interview series, but is looking for interested parties to approach him. He's a great guy, interviews really well, walks you through the process and makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend checking into it.

I'll get better links to his site, and the way things are going, links to the Audio version of Journeyman Warsmith by the end of March.

Good to be back.